Monday, September 21, 2009


This is my little tent of blue- our garden is tiny and surrounded by houses so its not easy to see much beyond in the wide blue yonder... sometimes (or constantly unconsciously) there is a fierce yearning in me for wide open spaces and more light, always more light.

I want to live on a farm, with fields and great big trees and chickens where we can all run around and be together and hide when we need to.

I was reading today that to achieve stuff like that if you make a film in your head of how it will happen then you are more likely to succeed- so as usual I'll start with a story board...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More web video

Last night I organised the footage into sequences in Premier Pro and resized the graphics. I got most of the editing done so the different sequences can be brought together in some kind of logical order. Later today, I intend sending a rough cut to the clients so we can sort out the finer details and organise shooting the rest of the video.

As for sound, there are a number of up-beat tracks I have in mind and they are on my list of things to do today. For the moment we have a generic guitar track to go with the footage just to help get the flow right.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

making a web video

We started preparing to make a video for a business website yesterday, which meant talking to the owners and hanging out with them for a while to get a feel for what they wanted. They were fun to talk to and had plenty of ideas to work with. After looking at some existing web videos content and a basic style was agreed on.

When we were all relaxed together we took some test footage in the office. There were direct talking to camera shots and general working at the computer/phone etc.

On the way home we filmed the local town to perhaps use as an introduction to the video. Back at the studio we made a story board, set up an Adobe Premier Pro project and uploaded the footage. I sent the screen cast test video to the owners to see if they liked it.

Tonight I intend editing down a test video to show the clients. They are very keen to get it onto their website as web video will be powerful tool for promotion of their business. I am very keen to do the best job I can for them.